The Eleven-Pronged Seal
The Eleven-Pronged Seal
AboveGround, you stare at the blinking timer..

(Requirements: Special Attack Uniform, Eye of the Storm, Long Dream, Calling, Fate/Destiny, Tsukuyomi Ascendant, Season 11+)

168:00:00 >

(ALL allies disabled. Although it isn't listed, it requires r00t rank to unlock this quest.)


You look up from the Overthruster, as a pair of familiar faces look down at you. "Good to see you again." The younger of the two bends down, and holds open your eye, looking deep into it.


Flashback Time! >

Part 1

The Seal
The Full Moon above. Wasteland dust crumbles between your fingers. Your eyes adjust to the flames around you, scorched tracks stretching into the distance at every angle.
The voice is the first thing you remember: "Looks like you don't have a lot of time."

Why was this time different? Why aren't you back in that grassy field, in front of Flipper? Why is-

-and then a piercing pain shoots through your eye..

I have all three Sannin Themes> (Requirement)

You focus through the pain, and notice the pattern burned into the ground - the center of what could be a giant pronged seal, growing outward from where you first woke.

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Part 2

Something in Your Eye
It burns from the inside! You claw at your face, falling to your knees. Even as you attempt to shut your eyes from the light, it flares in your vision, pulsing with a life of its own..

I Have 750+ Awesome> (Requirement)

As you force your eye open, it bursts with light, and the pain subsides..

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Part 3

A Better Look
You attempt to get a look at it, first from the reflection in a Kunai, then in standing water, but can't get a detailed enough look. But where?
Difficulty: 30 Successes: 50

Search the World »


You wonder - why is it so hard to remember where you've been?

You Failed!


The Mirror at the Black Altar, in the Fields, showed you once as you truly were.. but didn't it shatter to dust? Maybe a piece remains..
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You set off for the best mirror you can think of - in the Fields. You can't seem to shake that voice, though..

You got Survived the Impossible!
(if you didn't already have it)

You've unlocked an event at The Black Altar!

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Tsukuyomi Ascendant Welcome..
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