The Antidote
The Antidote
You return from the Fields, and Haro sees your mark. "Oh, snap!"

(Requirements: RNG Field Encounter Completed)

Oh Snap Indeed >


She checks you out (which isn't the worst feeling in the world, you must admit). Wow, this ate right away at you, didn't it. Well, we'll need a countermeasure."

Sounds like a job for SCIENCE! >

Part 1

Dress the Part
This is SCIENCE! after all.

I have a Lab Coat > (Requirement)1


You don't even know where to begin!

You Failed!


You put on your coat, and turn around - seeing that everyone else is already wearing a lab coat.
And glasses.
And fake mustaches.


Continue Quest >

Part 2

Figure out how to cancel the effects of Grind!
This is a Rolling Challenge!
Difficulty 11 Successes Remaining 1111



You still have so much to learn..


Eureka! You've formed the core of the weapon!

Continue Quest >

Part 3

Build the Launcher
Create a system to launch the weapon!

I have a Polar Star > (Requirement)2


You dismantle the weapon, and adapt it for the H.A.R.O.

Or, if you've completed this quest before:


Cici hands you some bloody wreckage, which you use instead of your Polar Star. Creepy.

(You still have to HAVE the Polar Star, you just don't lose it)

Continue Quest >

Part 4

Learn the Tech
Learn to steel your mind so you can activate the H.A.R.O.!

I have 5 million Jutsu XP > (Requirement)


You can't wrap your mind around how to survive its effects!

You Failed!


You learn the precise mental state you need to be in when activating the H.A.R.O. so you can survive the blast!

Continue Quest >


You finish the prototype, and harness it so that it will connect to a Ride. You are about to come up with an awesome name for it, when CiCi taps you on the shoulder. "We are going to call it the H.A.R.O. - the High-Explosive Anti-RNG Ordnance. She's making us." You start to object - first, The acronym doesn't even work, second, it has another acronym in the middle of it - but she waves you off. "Look, hon, Larry offered to pay all our advertising expenses for the next eleventy years, and Haro, well, when she doesn't get her way, she's a real beast. Deal with it."


You got the H.A.R.O!

CiCi sits down with you. "Now, there are two ways you can go from here. You can just launch this thing into Burger Ninja HQ - it'll blow them all up, but that includes Su-chan's dad, and I'm sure he'll be all emo about that. Plus, people will be mad that you blew up a perfectly good Burger place. However, that will be pretty easy."

"The alternative is that you Ride there yourself, and deliver the HARO driectly to their link with the RNG. Now, Riding there, and fighting past all those people, will be Crazy Hard, but that's the way it goes."

"Whichever you choose, I'm sure that both would be enough to finish them off, and that eventually doing both (if you happened to have the chance, maybe in another life) would be an excellent idea."


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Ready To Ride Minimum Safe Distance
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