Billy and Emo get into an explosive fight!

(Requirements: Billy Lvl. 3, Emosuke Lvl. 3, 5+ Billy Bucket, Season 2+)

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Oh no, Billy's gotten in a fight with Emo about Emo's cutting habit, again!

(This quest is courtesy of Tempest, one of the winners of the '08 Child's Play Auction. Thanks, Tempest!)

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Part 1

Tempest is a Blast

The two burst through a wall, right into your Billy Bucket collection!

I have 25 Billy Buckets > (Requirement)




They slap each other silly, and jump back through the hole.

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A misfired jutsu hits the pile of Billy Buckets, setting off a chain reaction that rips a hole in the very fabric of the universe! A trench-coated figure gets spat out of the hole, before the hole fixes itself, crumbling into nothingness.

The figure dusts his coat and his tails off with his hat, before putting it back on and looking at you. "Hey. I bet you are wondering who I am." You nod. "A professional, from a Field much like this one. Since I'm here, I might as well tag along with you."

You got the Ally Tempest Kitsune!

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