There's a girl in the back room of the shop, chopping bees out of the air with her hands!

(Requirements: License to Speed, Access to Easy Rides)

Whoa >


You notice a PizzaWitch employee trying ever so hard to be demure, but she keeps doing Ninja stuff. Is she trying to hide something?

Strike up a Conversation >

Part 1

Ninja Attack
You walk up to her, commenting on her Ninja skills, and she flips out!
Difficulty: 10 Successes: 10
Ability #2: Ninjutsu Difficulty: 10 Successes: 10
BurgerNinja Employees / Jutsu Only! Freezer Drops only drop here


You easily dodge her Ninja-ing.

Continue Quest >

Part 2

Ninja Discussion
She is amazed by your Ninja skills!

"I'm Karen, and I'm…" she leans in close..

A NINJA. Don't tell anyone, though, it's a SECRET.

Refraining from pointing out her Ninja headband and 'I Heart Ninjas' T-Shirt, you ask her why she's working here.
"Oh, I'm going to work for that dreamy guy over there." She points at Lulu. "Are you friends with him?"

I am Hanging Out with Lulu > (Requirement)


You nod. "Isn't he just.. DREAMY?"


She laughs. "You aren't good enough to hang out with him!"

Continue Quest >

Part 3

Ninja Awesome
Karen asks if you want to be her friend. "You've got to be at least as awesome as Lulu there, though. Are you?"

I have 100+ Awesome > (Requirement)


"Omigosh, you are!" She starts to flip out over a table like a Ninja, but calms down. "whoa.. other people almost found out my secret!"

Continue Quest >


Karen packs up her stuff. "Okay, well, I'll work for you, since you work for HIM," pointing at Lulu. (wait, you don't work for him, he.. oh, nevermind)

"Don't you dare think about blowing my cover, though, no one can ever find out about my Ninja Skills!"

Sure. You got Karen!

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