Super Size
Super Size
There's gotta be something to this stuff..

(Requirements: BurgerNinja, RingEye, Special Jonin+, 2+ Greassy Foods eaten today)



There's a secret behind this food, you just KNOW it. What better way to test it out than through trial and error?


Part 1


First, a little of this..

I have a +2 Dou Level bonus or more from Greassy Food eaten today > (Requirement)


Mmmm… horrible. But addicting..

Continue Quest >

Part 2


Then, a little of that..

I have a +2 Dou Range bonus or more from Greassy Food eaten today > (Requirement)


Mmmm… Greassy.

Continue Quest >

Part 3


Next, a little more..

I have +2 Dou Strength or more from Greassy Food eaten today > (Requirement)


Rrg, Those ChunkNuggets certainly do fight back..

Continue Quest >

Part 4

Wash it Down

Finally, fight back!

I have no negative Greass affecting me (I can currently handle my max Greassy Items today) > (Requirement)1


There, all better. Wait a second.. urp-

Continue Quest >


You wash it all down with a soda, and the heavy lump in your stomach lurches. You strain against the agonizing pain, as the mysterious products you've downed rebel against your body, and you collapse to the ground.

Suddenly, the door to the burger joint opens, and a short girl walks up to you, green hair a stark contrast against her cheap paper BurgerNinja hat. She kneels next to you, and her familiar voice echoes in your ear. "Too much Greass?" she smirks. "You do something for me, and I'll teach you how to use what this place creates against it. When you are ready, I'll let you know." Her pizza drips on your uniform. "Keep that Greass there - you'll need it."

Cici joins your party!

You got 5 Greass!


Greassy Foods refers to:

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