St. Flash's Day
Saint Flash's Day
Bruce gets wistful over a rock you found..

(Requirements: Bruce Jr., Sham Rock, Special Jonin+ Rank)

Reminisce >


Bruce Jr. sighs wistfully to himself…

Aww. >

Part 1

Learn It
"Hey, can you dance?" he says. You'll show him!
Difficulty: 13 Successes: 8


You bust a respectable move!


You fall on your face!

You Failed!

Continue Quest >

Part 2


He looks at your Sham Rock. "I was a fake, just like that rock.. I once kicked one, and it hit another, and then The Move - the Ultimate Dance Move - came to me, but now, I've lost it.."

I have two Sham Rocks > (Requirement)


"Like this?" you say, and toss them down a hill. They pop and roll, and as he watches the funny way they bounce, his eyes widen, and yours do too, as you see it - The Move - hidden within the motion..


He shakes his head..

You Failed!

Continue Quest >

Part 3

Show Me Your Moves

He looks at you. "I couldn't. I couldn't give that burden to another.. Not even my best friend.. Well, maybe my best friend.."

I am Hanging Out with Bruce Jr. (check Main Page to view Hang Out Status) > (Requirement)


You solemnly ask him to show you, and he begins to dance..


He shakes his head..

You Failed!

Continue Quest >


You watch him dance.

It is the freshest move you've ever seen.

It is like he is floating on air..

You vow to move like that, and take on the burden it brings.

He removes a ring from his finger. "This is from the one who taught me. When the time comes, You'll know what to do. It is a burden, but you will overcome it. Keep dancing, and all will be revealed. Do not be distracted by silly things like Ninja Rank tests, or your focus will break, and you'll have to start all over. Go now, and dance!"

You got the Flash Ring!

You learned The Running Man Jutsu!


  • The bit on Ninja Rank tests was added more recently.


  • This mission is surely based on Utah Saints These exact words are said in the videoclip "'It was the freshest move I've ever seen, like he was floating on air…'"
  • This mission most likely refers to the Fourth HoCage, who was also known by the name Yellow Flash of Konoha.
  • This mission may also refer to the '80s hit movie Flashdance.

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