Spiral Energy
Spiral Energy
Mimi pulls you through the ruins of the Kaiju Facility, to a hidden door. "In here, quick!"

(Requirements: Mimi)

In We Go >


"Okay, so look. We don't have much time, so I'll just touch on the details. Listen, because we aren't going to have the luxury of a tutorial."

Listen Up >

Part 1

Distant Relatives
You follow her through the near complete darkness, her small form slipping around obstacles and under outcroppings much more easily than you can. "So, there's this theory that Ninja and Kaiju are actually just two different cultures that were separated long ago. What is Spiral Energy to us is Awesome to you - we use ours to control our War Forms, you use yours to change probability."

She stops in front of a nondescript wall, and taps a complicated rhythm on it - causing it to slide aside, opening into a tightly packed laboratory.

"Why not use it for both?"

Why not? >

"Right. Why not?"

Continue Spiral Energy >

Part 2

Passion for Fashion
She sits you down in a chair, and pulls down a giant magnifying glass, looking into your eye.

"Sure, it takes a long time for someone steeped for years in certain energy makeups to learn how to use another kind, but you are technically a half-breed, see?" She points at a screen that shows your magnified eye sigil.

"That's a limiter - it keeps those with the propensity to create a War Form from using it subconciously." She slides the magnifier away.

"We've been infiltrating the Ninja for generations, we even came up with the whole cover-one-eye fashion thing, so we could hide it more easily."

Fashion? Really? >

"Isn't it stylish? 'Oh look at me, I'm so mysterious.' Hee hee hee! But seriously, so many of your friends are Kaiju, it would blow your mind. Seriously, pah-SHOOM." She waves her arms around.

Continue Spiral Energy >

Part 3

One-Two Punch
Smiling, unfazed by the near constant sound of the Facility being ripped apart, she hums to herself as she brings up a chart. "So as I was saying, You've got it in you to use Spiral Energy. You could use it either to do the whole giant-sized destructive force thing, or turn it inside, and be one of those one-versus-one-thousand warriors of old. Hya hyah!"

Mimi makes little punching motions, long labcoat sleeves flapping about. "It probably is determined by whether or not you take after my boss or that Flash guy more."

The room tilts. "Whoa. This place is coming down. Let's get to that Watch of his, your little Mister-Know-It-All buddy will probably be a big help."

With that, she takes off. "Come ON already!"

Yikes! >

"You want to leave him behind? He's probably lonely, stuck in there all the time!"

Continue Spiral Energy >

Part 4

Once More, With Feeling
You get to the room as the lights flicker, cracks appearing in the walls. She grabs the Watch and tosses it to you. "You'll learn just like we did, it's like swimming, you just have to jump in the deep end. *She* taught me, so this is just returning the favor!"

Mimi drags over a box, as you look around wildly, the entire place only seconds from collapse.

"Hey. HEY. Say it with me." She jumps up on the box, and holds your face in her hands. Locking her gaze with yours, she echoes a phrase that you remember as you recite it with her - familiar words, not from the Fields, but from long ago, in a life that resides within you..

Let Us Walk Together >

The two of you blaze with a rainbow colored hue, and the walls come tumbling down.

Continue Spiral Energy >


You hear muffled yells from what seems far away. "WHY ISN'T IT OVER? WHY HAVEN'T WE LOOPED? TEAR THE ROCKS ASUNDER, KILL THE HALF-BREED!"

You hear Mimi's quiet voice against your ear. "Oh, man, I bet you are going to look SO cool. We all look cool, when we're On. It is part of the package deal! Wait, wait.. this is going to be," she laughs at her own joke,

"heh, this is going to be Awesome!"

Your body aches, and you still can't see anything, but it isn't from being crushed by tons of rock - it is as if you have giant bands, holding you in, ready to snap. Then you realize..

Your eyes are closed. All you need to do is open them.

When you stand, the rock around you explodes like an erupting volcano. Timmy and four gaunt figures turn as one, as an army of thousands of dark shapes pull back from the energy.

You brush rubble from your shoulder, and it vaporizes the moment you apply the slightest force. You look at the assembled horde, and as one, they stare back. Timmy's eyes open wide.


You tense your newfound muscles, radiating with the power locked within all things, and charge.

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