So You Had a Bad Day
So You Had a Bad Day
Wow, what a bad day so far..

(Requirements: Bingo'd, Corrupted, Less than 20 stamina)

Stop In The Name Of Love >


Man, what a horrible day.. as you are walking home, you start to cross the street, and a Ninja speeds by, almost running you over. "Watch where you're going, you
idiot!" the driver yells, pointing at a STOP sign as he speeds by, license plate YUMIKO3 receding into the distance.

You look at the sign.

And the sign looks back.
(this quest is thanks to yumiko3 for helping out 11!)

"No, YOU stop.">

Part 1

Explain to this stop sign it's not the boss of you!
This is a Rolling Challenge!
Difficulty 11 Successes Remaining 1000


The look on its face is all you need to see! (your successes have been saved!)


Finally it shuts up , and you two make up!


You drag your new buddy along with you to the Party House, to gamble the night away in friendship soaked happiness! (or is that something else?)

You got Cheeky Stop Sign!


  • This Quest and its reward was solely created as Thanks to HGSSHibiki and yumiko3 for giving McM proof of the name of the Audio Quote he was searching for in his Epic Audio Scavenger Hunt which lasted 23 days.
  • Possibly a reference to this.
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