Apparently, you need TWO Top Hats to see more of the gallery?

(Requirements: 25+ Art Gallery Pieces)

Is that so? >

To unlock this quest, you have to visit your Trophy Menu after getting at least 25 1-point trophies on your first picture. Just having the trophies is not enough.


You raise your eyes up, looking at your only-one-hat, and give the doorman a look.

With extra eyebrow >

Be Snootier

This time, the doorman has an even shorter list, but he is taking FOREVER to look over it..

Wait Patiently-er (with 20% more pinky) >

After what seems like an eternity, the doorman nods. Phew!

Continue Snootier >


You walk in, and hear a muffled "pop!" as your Top Hat gets a Top Hat.


You got another Snooty Top Hat!
Gallery 2 Unlocked!

In the hat, you find.. a little springloaded hammer?
You got a T-Hammer!
Use it to overcome a really hard Gallery Piece!

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Snooty ???
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