Silver Eyed Witch
Silver-Eyed Witch
On your way back from your Invasion, you are approached by a dark individual..

(Requirements: Claymore, 10 Claymore activations)

Listen Up >


You are stopped in your tracks by a mysterious stranger. "That last Invasion you were on, did you feel it?" He eyes your sword. "I can tell. It's a part of you.."

(thanks to AzoJason for winning a contest and submitting this idea!)

Look at your Sword >

Part 1

Test Your Skills
He draws a sword. "Can you hit me? So simple, I'm sure.."
Difficulty: 12 Successes: 12
Ability #2: Taijutsu Difficulty: 12 Successes: 12


You draw blood - a thin red line - on his cheek. "Good."

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Part 2

Withstand the Pull
Your sword screams in your mind, calling for you to cut this guy down and.. take one each of his Village Resources? That's really specific for a screaming sword. Anyway, don't give in!
Difficulty: 12 Successes: 12
Ability #2: Genjutsu Difficulty: 12 Successes: 12


Your body settles, and the man smiles. "Good. Now you can control it. We may call on you for more later."

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You pull out your sword, holding it up, feeling the new power flow through you. Your eyes briefly flash silver, and you count the breaths until your next invasion..

You got the Silver-Eyed Bloodline!
You now have double Claymore power, and receive Ryo when you invade!

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