Sick of Him!
Sick of Him! (Anonymous)
You've had it up to HERE with Anonymous!

(NOTE: You may only ever do this mission or the Right one, NOT BOTH. Think about it! Also, 'note'. HA HA FUNNY NOTE JOKE)

(Requirements: The Note, LisaLisa, Special Jonin Rank, Season 2+)

Take Care of Him >


Anon's CONSTANT perching and candy-eating are just too much!

Take Care of Him >

Part 1

Free Cookies?!
"Hey, Anon, if you sign your name on this here Not- er, FREE COOKIE PAPER, you'll get free cookies!" Trick him!
Difficulty: 19 Successes: 15


Wow, that was WAY easier than you thought it would be!


"HEYYY." Aww, you were this close!

Continue Quest >

Part 2

The Hunt

"Wow, who would've thought that worked?" Hyuk gives you an eye. "Tell ya what. You get yourself 10 Bingos today, and get back here."

I have completed Ten Bingos today > (Requirement)


He nods. "That is some fine death-dealin' you been doin', mm-hmm."


You just can't figure it out!

Continue Quest >

Part 3

Take the Deal

Hyuk looks at you. "Whoa. Hard core. I guess I can give you something magical to carry The Note around in - The Tote. More Stamina for Bingo'ing, plus I'm sure the thre- er, make that TWO buddies ya got left'll get a little snazzier. Tell ya what - you give me 10 more of your Daily Stamina (so now ya get 10 less stamina a day), and I'll trade ya a Tote. Last you forever, it will."

(Note: this is a PERMANENT trade: 10 of your daily Stamina for a Tote of your own. If you don't want to, leave and Abandon the mission, but honestly, who would do that?)

Make The Trade > (Requirement)


He nods, and in a very un-Hyuk like accent, says "Even more excellent."

Continue Quest >


Hyuk tosses you the SPARKLIEST BAG IN THE WORLD. It has unicorns, and fuzzies, and who knows what else, plus, you think it is playing pop music. "It's all the rage where I'm from, A-hyuk!"

You've gotten The Tote!

Right and Lisa think it is pretty cool, too, and promise to help you out more. "Just as soon as we take out the trash," they say, and kick a strangely lumpy, heavy trash bag..

Right and LisaLisa are now Level 2!
You have lost Anonymous!

And, as usual, you feel some of your stamina slipping away..


*Whoever you take care of does not dissappear until the end of the mission, so you can still use Right for extra damage.

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