Shower Scene
Shower Scene
Hey, someone's in your shower!

(Requirements: Karen)

Check it out!
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You hear the familiar strains of "Anime Shower Scene" coming from your bathroom.

You realize that you are not, in fact, in the shower. Hmm.

It's a Mystery >

Part 1

Look, a Ninja
The sultry sounds of Karen come from the steamy shower. "Oh boy, I hope Lulu doesn't surprise me in here! I'd have to interrogate whoever it is in a sexy manner!"

Lulu shrugs. "I'm not going in there. She's crazy."

You consider just leaving her there, but she'll use up all your hot water..

I have Lulu (or a Lulu lookalike) in my Team OR I am Hanging Out with Karen > (Requirement)


She holds the door shut. "NO! Lulus ONLY!"

You Failed!


She goes "Eek! Lulu, you naughty b-" and then realizes it is you.
"Oh. You. FINE, I'll finish up. Geez, all you people, trying to catch me off-guard, just to see how sexy I am.."

Continue Quest >


Karen yells "You pervert!" and slams the door as you walk away. You hear "Same time tomorrow!" from the bathroom.

Man, what some people will do for attention. At least now she'll can the nice-girl act and be the Rider she actually is..

Karen is now Karen Lvl. 2!
(She'll change back at Dayroll)

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