Rock The World
Rock the World

Emosuke looks in your pack. "Whoa, nice CD collection!"

(Requirements: Emosuke, 10 Emo Rock CDs)

Let Him Listen >


Whoa, Emosuke is impressed by your CD collection. "If I was a rock star, I'd have more CDs than you could collect!" "Let's start a rock band!" you say.

Rock on! >

Part 1

Get Signed!
"But who will listen to us?" he says.
Difficulty: 12 Successes: 4


You use your mind control skills to get signed by Ninja Records!

Continue Quest >

Part 2

Rock Out!
Emosuke and you get up on stage and rock out at the concert!
Difficulty: 13 Successes: 4


You both rock out about whiny girls and cutting!

Continue Quest >

Part 3

Get Famous
Your twenty biggest fans ask for a signed CD, but you never made any!

Give them twenty Emo Rock CDs > (Requirement)


You pass off other CDs as your own, they blog about you on SadJournal, and you become famous!


They hate you, and blow your reputation on the internets!

Continue Quest >


Emosuke finishes his sad rock solo. "Sigh. I guess I'll follow you around. You are as pathetic as I am." I guess that's what passes for happy with him.

Emosuke becomes Level 2!

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