Rock Around the Clock
Rock Around the Clock
Some of your allies want to Rock Out!

(Requirements: Tubby, Sticky, Flutie, Bones, and/or The Twins in-team)

Let's Party >
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A few of your allies are looking to ROCK!

Rock out >

Part 1

Rock on

At least one of your Allies wants to Rock!

(Allies on your team that can 'Rock Out' will level up here, but will de-level tonight at Dayroll.)

Rock Out! >

Your people rock out!

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You start rocking out, and notice that the allies that are in your Team start to morph!
Your Team is now Level 2!

Flutie rocks the.. flute?
Flutie is now Flutie Lvl. 2!

Sticky bangs that stupid tambourine!
Sticky is now Sticky Lvl. 2!

Tubby plays the drums!
Tubby is now Tubby Lvl. 2!

The Twins play the double-base!
The Twins is now The Twins Lvl. 2!

Bones rocks the mic!
Bones is now Bones Lvl. 2!

As you watch them flip out, you wonder - if you got enough of these crazy Wasteland people flipping out at the same time, you could have a rocking party!

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