Robogirl's Secret
Robogirl's Secret
Scary and Sporty are whispering in the corner..

(Requirements: Scary, Sporty, Robogirl, Season 2+)

Listen In >


Sporty and Scary are whispering to each other about something. Listening in, you realize they are talking about Robogirl!

Listen In >

Part 1

They give you the stinkeye, and stop talking. They'd never share this info with anyone but their best friends!

I am Hanging Out with Sporty and Scary > (Requirement)


They look around sneakily, and wave you over to them..


They go 'hmph!' and won't tell you a thing.

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Part 2

"We think.. and we knows this sounds crazy.. that Robogirl… HELPS PEOPLE FIGHT ALIENS!

We saw her with a bunch of aliens - we think it was about eight of them - talking about SPOOKY THINGS."

You nod, trying not to give away your position as an infiltrator at their school. After all, she was talking to you and your allies - they must've seen you all together!

"We'd better confront her with the information - we don't want her to get hurt!"

They've been spreading this rumor around - you've got to find a way to get them to bust Robogirl without busting you!

Hey, you could make a crappy fake picture out of old pictures of her and some 'aliens'!

I have eight Poorly-Drawn Aliens and a Hot Picture of Robogirl > (Requirement)


They ooh and ahh. "Proof!"


"You can't help us at all! Go away!"

Continue Quest >


You confront Robogirl with evidence of her 'secret life'. She gives you a funny look, but you whisper to her to just play along. "Boo hoo!" she says, "You have found me out. Now I must fly to my.. um.. 'home planet', as I have lost my friends forever." "No!" yell Sporty and Scary, "You are our best friend! We'll help you fight these aliens! Look what we made you!"

They drag out a Super Robot Expansion Kit, with missile launchers, tank treads, tentacles, the works. "You can use this, Robogirl! It'll be awesome!" Who would've thought these two could be so helpful!

Robogirl is now Robogirl Lvl. 2!

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