You sit, nursing your wounds, moping. You hear a voice… "Looking for revenge?"

(Requirements: Special Jonin, Bingoed)

Heck Yeah >


A doctor with glasses and a cane hobbles up to you. "My dear young Ninja, terrible things are afoot, just terrible. However, there's a place you can go where strength doesn't matter nearly as much as what's in here!" He taps you on the head with his cane…

"First, you have to meet me here, on the outskirts of the blasted plain that was that poor Village. I'd give you a map, but that'd be too easy, eh?" He poofs in a cloud of acrid dust and sand…

Get to Searching >

Part 1

Hunt Down Haus
Search the Outskirts of the Wasteland!
(Strength bonuses do not count here!)
Difficulty: 15 Successes: 4
No Strength Bonuses, Chakra costs x 10!


You find a creepy shack, falling apart, on the very edge of the Wastes, with a light flickering from the inside..


You wander aimlessly.

Continue Quest >

Part 2

Inside is the doctor, who identifies himself as 'Haus'. "Hey, I'd like to help you, but ever since that last time, I need to make sure no one is spying on me.. can you can prove that you aren't in any condition to mess with me?"

I am Bingo'd (requirement)


He speaks into a weird contraption in a crazy language, eyeing you. It talks back, and he nods. "Okay, you are clean."


He drives you out of his shack. "Liar!"

Continue Quest >

Part 3

Wasteland Disease
"There's a horrible affliction that is travelling around this land, ever since that accursed <Kaiju Player>1 destroyed their Village. I call it Lup…"

He poses dramatically, looks at his cards, then reconsiders. ", that's too obvious. I call it WASTELAND DISEASE. DUN DUN DUN." (He adds the dramatic music himself) It is based on a reaction to the residual Awesome that flows from the area that Village used to stand on. I've successfully extracted it, here. Wanna see?" He starts to hand you an automatic syringe, wired up for instant injection. His hand is shaking horribly, and he has a crazy gleam in his eye..

Oh Crap (Let him stick you)


He trips. Of course. It sticks you right in the freaking arm. Of COURSE.

Continue Quest >


"Uh.. Whoops? Well, I guess you can go into the outer parts of the Wasteland and all..

..considering you now have Wasteland Disease. Strength isn't going to help you in there, and Chakra costs are out of this world. I'd suggest you find some new friends, and learn low-cost Jutsu. Also, don't bother trying to hunt down specific missions - the Wasteland isn't a place to hunt down what you want. You'll have to just bear your way through it."

He sighs. "If you want, you can use my Potion Shop, even if you aren't in a Village. At least until you get cured, heh. Here, take this stuffs - splice the threads together into a wrapping. Then, double the Dust into a pile two times, so you have two piles. Then, combine the piles into a matrix, and put that together with the wrapping into a Rebreather - use it like you would a Potion, and it'll help you get through the Wasteland. It won't be perfect, but hey, what is? This won't last long - you'll have to find your own materials in the Outskirts for later, or buy them at the Shop."

"Other things about this place - you won't make much Ryo in there, but I'm sure you'll find things that you can get appraised at the Shop, and then sell or use to make some nifty things.

"Catch me later, once you've done a good amount of Outskirts missions, we'll get working on something neat."

Haus joins you!

You have unlocked The Outskirts!

You got 4 Wasteland Dust and 2 Filtered Thread!

(Use the Potion Shop from the Main Menu!)

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