Resigned To Fate
Resigned to Fate
You want Mimi to return to her previous form.. (NOTE: Only do this if you need / want to Shoot the Core on Toroko. You don't get anything good from this.)

(Requirements: Mimi)

Talk with Mimi >


You sit down, and explain to Mimi that you will need something from that she can only give as a Phase.

"But.. why? I've only just become free.. you can't.. I can't.."

Return her to The Fields >

Part 1

Are you sure you want to do this? There are no secret Trophies, or anything like that, this Quest exists only if you have a specific need to re-attack Toroko, which will never come up in the plot.

Yes, I am sure >

Very well.

Continue Quest >


You wince as she arcs her back in pain, and grows, deforming into a Phase. With one more roar, the Phase disappears into the Fields, lost…

You lost Mimi!


  • Noooo Mimi ;_;
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