Release The Power
Warning: Information found on this page is outdated and might not be in the game anymore.


Your sword speaks to you. "Call my Name."

Call the Name >

Your sword speaks to you. "Call my Name."
(up to twelve letters/numbers/spaces for the call, and fifteen letters/numbers/spaces for the name. No profanity. You get only one shot at this, so make it count.)
For example,

Meow Kittypuncher

Enter your call and name below!

<insert call> <insert name>

Call the Name

Your Sword's call will be "<insert call>", and name will be "<insert name>":

<insert call>, <insert name>!

Are you sure?

Yes - <insert call>, <insert name>!

Your draw your Sword, and incant its nameā€¦

<insert call>, <insert name>!

(You may now activate Shikai in your Reaper Menu, and have learned the jutsu Sword Reaper Style: <insert call>, <insert name>!)


  • <insert call>/<insert name> means that youself have to give your Sword of the Reaper a Call and a Name
  • This is no longer done through a special mission/quest, but through the Reaper Menu
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