Red Tape
Red Tape
One of the Arena Squad paper-pushers flags you down..

(Requirements: Aura of Experience, Village at War)

Fill Out some Paperwork >
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"The Arena needs good Ninja like you! Why don't you sign up for some extra training, become a lean, mean, fighting machine?"

Listen to them >

Part 1

Arena Advanced Training
"Apparently, you've risen high in the ranks of the Arena. We'd like to offer you some advanced training - let you go about your business without all those clunky medals and badges and what-not. We'll take your war Badges and Medals and such, and you'll have all the bonuses you currently get, and more, all wrapped up in one easy-to-carry letter. We'll take care of all the rest. You need to have Three Rings, Three Badges, Three Medals, and Two Arena Auras. There's just the matter of the 15,000 Ryo training fee.."

Sigh, here's 15000 Ryo (Also, I have Three Rings, Three Badges, Three Medals, Auras of Fortune and Experience) > (Requirement)


He says, "Good, good. Here, fill out this form."


"What the crap? GTFO, noob." He kicks you out of the office.

Continue Quest >


He nods, and you are instantly knocked out and dragged off to a crazy boot camp. You can't ever talk about what happened there, but you come out of it with an embarassing tattoo in an embarassing spot, and a new position in the NWW!

You got a Letter of Marque!
(1 Levels, Strength, Successes, Range, +10% Ryo/XP/AP on Missions)

Trophy.jpg You've unlocked the
Ninja World Warrior Trophy!
5 Points
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