Ready to Ride
Ready to Ride
Euthanasia and Robo are looking at CiCi's Mark, and talking amongst themselves!

(Requirements: Robogirl Lvl. 3, Euthanasia)

Listen In >


"You know, we should really find out where that Grind stuffs is coming from and how to deal with it," says Euthanasia. "What if one of us got it on them and it DIDN'T look sexy?"

Defend Sexiness >

Part 1

Well-Heeled Friends
Robo speaks up. "You know, I know this girl that shows up at the Shop when you sell a lot of something at once - like, ten thousand Ryo from one stack of an item - and she's really good at situations like these. As long as she has that one guy with her, anyway - otherwise, she just gets into the Juice, and after that, she's useless."

I have Larry and Haro > (Requirement)


Larry runs off and gets Haro. "Hey, come help us out!" He pulls away her Juice ("Nooo!"), so she sits down with everyone..

Continue Quest >

Part 2

Haro staaares at CiCi's leg for a while.

"Yup, I've seen this, in the Fields." She flashes you a knowing look, as the others scratch their heads, never having been in that place of multiple realities. "Think you can handle a ride out there?"

I have a Digital Keychain or better > (Requirement)


She nods. "Okay, here's the plan."


She shakes her head. "No, no, you gotta have something that proves you've been out there! And not a hat, I hate hats!" Who hates hats?

Continue Quest >

Part 3

Hidden Forbidden
"Okay, you know the big church-looking place? First, you take a left from there, and then.."

I have been to Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground > (Requirement)


"and then.. go upways past that creepy-looking - wait, not, you need to go over the .. aww, forget it. Here's a better idea."

Continue Quest >


"Look. Take that Keychain you have into the Fields. It'll ping as you get close to the Field you need to be in - well, it should, at least. give it a shake now and then. Check it out, get back to me." She looks at Larry. "Okay, I helped. GIMME."

You can now Hunt Down the source of the Grind!

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