You wander the jungle, following a snippet of music you can barely hear..

(Requirements: 8 Unfinished Compositions)

Find the Source >


You follow the sound to an unused path, moving aside ferns and trampling through undergrowth that seems decades-old. The music, however, seems fainter as time passes..

Follow the path >

Part 1

Research Center
The jungle parts, and you see an installation built into a low hill. You walk up to it, and the doors seem nothing more than a single slab of smooth rock, completely impenetrable.

I have The Flash Theme Active > (Requirement)


The doors slide silently open, and stale air escapes from the darkness within.

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Part 2

Inside, you see a hastily abandoned facility. It continues deep into the underground, with wide open central areas and what appears to be experimental stations. Not only is there human-sized equipment, you see huge switches and dials, positioned for something hundreds of feet tall.

You even see what might have been safety posters, asking for researchers to wear protective eye covering, hanging from gigantic lockers. Who exactly worked here?

Drawn to the hum of still-powered machinery, you find yourself in the "Research" wing. Each section is clearly marked off for what you assume is ease of study - Flora Group, Strategic Group, Transportation Group, and so on. You see a display, however, with equipment remarkably similar to what you carry.

Enter "Research: Ninja Group" >

You look over the wide, circular room, with an imposing central table, covered with dust and mysterious debris.

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Part 3

You look around the room, trying to find the source of the hum - it seems to be from the center of the table, but there is nothing there. Sitting in a chair to get a closer look, you get the strangest sense that you've been here before.

Is this going to be a flashback in a flashback? >

Believe it.

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Part 4

"..my time masquerading as one of them. In conclusion, the Ninja are not necessarily a warlike race, and if not for the fundamental differences in ability, one could conclude that they are no different than us. However, their research into "The Loop", combined with their formidable battle skills, leads me to conclude..

you watch through eyes not your own as the writer hesitates, then continues-

"..that use of the Dead Flower is necessary for our survival, and should be battle-tested as soon as possible."

Looking through eyes not your own, you see the last lines of a report in an elegant hand, as something just out of your vision glows darkly. Something taps on - your? - shoulder, and you turn - a girl holding a stack of research papers looks past you, at the source of the light, eyes wide. You feel yourself speak - although what you say you cannot discern - and the runes on her girls uniform's shift to display the priority of her new task. You turn back as she scurries off, as you look back at the source of the dark aura - a completely black flower, floating in a crystal chamber, pulsing with dark energy.

Noting the eight other seats that are about to be filled, you catch a glimpse of yourself in the reflection of a piece of machinery - the long, scarlet hair of a young woman, with a fox-tailed aura, crackling at the weight of the decision you are all about to make. You brush a hair from your cheek..

Wake Up >

As you look into those eyes that are not your own, you awaken with a jolt.

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You jolt awake, sitting in a dark room, the glow of that dark flower still impressed in your mind, the feel of that touch on your cheek, That music you once hear now sits there, in your mind: not as a symphony of power, like so many other Themes before, but as a will, almost a part of yourself, carrying with it the memories of another.

You got The Touch!

You got the Redheaded Ninja Girl Theme!
Activating it will allow you to find Items for future content!

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