R00t Access
R00t Access

The World shifts around you!

(Requirements: Sannin, Epic Monument, Immortal Realm, Village Leader)

Hold On Tight >


The World spins crazily in a direction you didn't know existed, and you find yourself sitting in the outline of your throne room, standing in front of..


"O hai", he says, the sound coming at you from a direction completely different than the one he is standing, "took you long enough to get here." He motions to look at the landscape, so you do.

The view is similar to your own, but flickers strangely. In one moment, you see your Ninja training in the courtyard, and in a flash, they are soldiers - then burger-flippers - then clowns - then back to Ninja.

"The Ninja World is but one of many. You see, there is a secret war going on in dimensions you can't even imagine. You know how I showed up in the beginning, and was all 'hey I am a main character, I totally took a shuriken in the back', then disappeared? I've been busy, protecting your Realm. I'll probably have to pop back around once in a while during stupid filler to fight a werewolf or something so people don't get suspicious, but you are in my world now. Here, this will let you walk around.

You got R00t Password!

"You see, we are all beings in a multi-dimensional magical world, and reality is only what we view it as. If The RNG (you can hear the hate in his voice) decided that all Kunai were really named Fishpaste, well, we'd be throwing Fishpaste at Dartboards for Stamina, and never remember it being any different. There is a far greater peril you have to learn to face to keep your world safe."

Dig Deeper >

Part 1

The R00t of the Problem

"There is a peril worse than anything you've encountered, one that has plagued you since you first came here. The force that makes you miss that all-important mission by one Success, the one that makes you off by one on the Big Board, that makes you accidentally scratch the wrong circle on a SuperTicket..

The RNG. Look!"

You look over the horizon, and see a multi-hued beast, whose form changes blindingly fast! It roars, and bites down on one of your Villagers, who for some reason decides to go idle JUST before you get that new Upgrade, and then sweeps a tail through the Village, making everyone forget to Collect that day! Ack!

Flip looks you up and down. "First, though, you'll need to build yourself a body to walk around in. Then we can get to the R00t of the problem.."

I have 100 Errant Bits, and a Kaiju is not currently attacking our Village > (Requirement)


The Bits swirl around you, forming a shell that looks strangely like yourself when you joined your first Village, and The RNG roars to the attack! Flipper yells "I've dragged it into the Ninja World, so your Villagers can help you defeat it, but hurry!"

Continue Quest >

Part 2

The RNG (Alpha Form)

You see The RNG rip through your Villagers like tissue paper! You have to defeat it! Do so, and come back here!

I have a Lycoris > (Requirement)


You plunge a blade into its heart, and it bursts, leaving this world!

Continue Quest >


You stand in the flurry of Bits left by the explosion of The RNG, and absorb them into yourself. You take the single, glowing flower - a Lycoris - left in the wake, and pin it to your body.

Flipper looks at it. "You know, I knew The Flash many years ago, and he had a flower just like that. I wonder if he was lost in the Fields.."

You received 10,000 Core!
You received 10,000 Bits!
You are now R00t!
You may Shoot the Core!

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