Plowtron Assemble
Plowtron Assemble!

A Kaiju descends during a raging blizzard!

(Requirements: Megaplow)

Fight! >
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During a driving blizzard, a Kaiju attacks! You leap to the defense of the innocent!

Roll out! >

Part 1

You notice that your MegaPlows are all painted different, bright colors, and realize why!

I'll form the head! (5+ MegaPlow required) >

The plow drivers nod, and transform!

Continue Plowtron Assemble! >


Towering above the village you look down on all the people below you in need of your protection, and blaze forward to glory!
You have obtained Plowtron! (+5 Successes vs non-Major Kaiju, +10 vs Majorkai, and +2 stamina per Kaiju Attack)

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