PizzaWitch Epilogue
PizzaWitch Epilogue
Lulu is putting on a big show for all the ex-BurgerNinja employees!

(Requirements: Completed 'Minimum Safe Distance')

Let's Watch >


Lulu has set up a big coronation, to crown himself 'King of Greass' or something. (he even sent out little RSVP cards - Karen was up all night helping with them). Of course, he's got some sort of sneaky plan cooked up that he says will "fix everything"..

Get On With It >

Part 1

The Setup
Lulu stands in front of everyone, in his finest PizzaWitch getup. "Yes. I was the one who destroyed your precious BurgerNinja. I didn't do it to quell a dark power that threatened to affect the entire universe.. I did it because I AM A COMPLETE TOOL! BWA HA HA!"

The crowd gasps. Suddenly, someone in the crowd stands up!

Check it Out >

It's Su-chan - but with a funny helmet on! "We won't STAND for THIS!" Wow. What a horrible actor.

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Part 2

The 'Delivery'
Su-chan pulls out a fake-looking sword, and rushes onstage. "I will STOP you, EVILDOER! Ha!" and swings at Lulu, who dodges it.

"Curses! You, a commoner, wants to defeat me, the only person who did any of this, and got no help from anyone?" They battle clumsily for a bit.

And everyone is totally buying it.

No Way >

Yes way. Lulu gets his sword knocked away, and is run through by Su-chan's "fake" sword.

At least, it looks fake.. you did see Karen hand it to him earlier today..

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Lulu lies there, bleeding. "Hey.. wasn't that supposed to be a fake sword?" Su-chan steps over him, with his stupid helmet on. "That's right, everyone! He trashed your place, but I'M going to fix it! Together, we can go forward, into the future, selling Burgers and Pizza to everyone! I was a nothing like you - like HIM (as he points at Lulu, who isn't doing very well) - and now, I will lead you into a new tomorrow!"

Silence. (apparently, everyone is at the buffet table)

"But what's your name, oh awesome leader?" says a high-pitched voice from the crowd (that couldn't POSSIBLY be Cici, oh, definitely not)

"You can call me…

Ze wait, no, that's already taken CIPHER."

Karen drags Lulu away, stripping off his PizzaWitch cape. "Help me.." "Forget that, now you can't fight back. We're going on a DATE."

You lost Lulu!
Su-chan became Cipher!
You got a PizzaWitch Cape!

You've beaten PizzaWitch! Congratulations!

Trophy.jpg You've unlocked the
H.A.R.O. Trophy!
20 Points

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