Cici has a new idea…

(Requirements: Knightmare Frame, Cici)

Listen in >


Cici's been thinking in the corner, clawing at anyone who comes near. Suddenly, she stands up and points at you. "YOU. You lost me my job, you are going to help me make a new one. Come on."

Get Dragged Along >

Part 1

Figure out exactly what to do!
Difficulty: 20 Successes: 10

Think! »


You've got it - take some of that Greass you are so good at working with, and make a new, better food!

You Failed!

You spend too much time staring at Cici and not enough thinking.

Continue Quest >

Part 2

Now you need people to make it!

I have Lulu and Su-chan > (Requirement)


Great, these two will do nicely!

You Failed!

Nobody wants to help you out.. :(

Continue Quest >

Part 3

Build someplace to make it!
This is a Rolling Challenge!
Difficulty 10 Successes Remaining 500


Wow, working the Greass into these boards is a pain..


There, all done!

Continue Quest >


Cici looks at her new shop - kinda dilapidated, with a surprisingly big garage next door (what is THAT for?), and climbs up top, painting "PIZZA WITCH" in big red letters. "Done and done. Now, servant, take your uniform and get inside - there is work to be done!"

You got a PizzaWitch Uniform!
You may now do PizzaWitch Missions!
(In PW Missions, Allies cannot drop their normal Ally drops, unless they are a special type!)

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