Pierce the Heavens
Pierce the Heavens

Like a reaper in a field of grain, you cut down your enemies, while searching for a way out!

(Requirements: Spiral Training)

Finish This >


Timmy, staggering, still has a job to do.

End this >

Part 1

Last Stand
Timmy drops his sword and pulls a Tiny Bee device from his pocket, firing wildly!
Difficulty: 15 Successes: 15


You dodge to the side and the gun goes dark - with no internal energy remaining, Timmy cannot muster the strength to continue firing.


He tags you with an errant bolt, and the world goes black.

You Failed!

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Part 2

Timmy slumps to the ground. "I.. I can't just- this.. I can't do this anymore." He looks up at you and the girls.

"End this. The next time around, I finally won't remember anything, and I can close my eyes to oblivion. Do it. DO IT!"

Strike him down >

Let him live >

Of course you let him live. This is your show, after all, and you're all in this together.

Continue Quest >


He looks up at you, wondering why. It's just a feeling - that you are going to need his help eventually, that he was just trying to survive, that you might do the same thing in his place - but you've had enough for one day.

Helping Timmy unsteadily to his feet, you tell them all about the Failsafe, and a plan - get up, get out, then come back in from the Aboveground. If you can activate the Failsafe, the Loop will abruptly end - depositing the Flash and the RNG back early enough that with the knowledge of what happened, can keep the Dead Flower from being created.

Tsukasa ponders this. "Doesn't that include you?"

Nobody talks for a while.

Mimi breaks the silence. "Okay, all you sad sacks, we've gotta get to work. Maybe we could modify one of those Rides to get them up and out. You four, how did you get here?"

Kona-chan, ever the braggart, speaks up. "Oh, we've got an outside man - we get fed information from the AboveGround by someone who got a Shadow Clone up there in a previous Loop. He keeps it going through this Chakra-generating.. I don't know how it works, it doesn't matter. Let me give him a call - he can send us a pickup. It'll only take a bit-"

She keeps talking, but her voice and the world around you unfocuses, tilting crazily.

Dropping to one knee as your body is wracked with pain, you collapse. Looking up at your worried companions, you struggle to talk, but can't make out any words.

"Their body's breaking up! Why'd you have to overdo it?!" Mimi's eyes well up. "I knew that they'd never be able to handle so much Spiral usage in so short of a time, but I showed them anyway! I didn't think it'd.. it'd.."

They look at each other. The four girls yell at Timmy, and they erupt in an argument. Timmy's eyes light up in realization, and he speaks quickly to Mimi, who nods frantically, and tells the girls what to do. Turning to you, she holds your head in her little hands, speaking to you loudly.

"Hey! HEY! Make a Shadow Clone! These girls can take it to their buddy, and it can wait for you in the AboveGround after you Loop! You'll remember all of this, and you'll know what to do!" She glares at Timmy. "Don't you turn on us! Help him the next time around! We can all get through this!"

Mimi's had too much, and she breaks down. "I don't want to go back to that form- but I won't remember any of this, I won't remember you, I won't, I…" She sniffs, and pretends to remain calm.

"Your Ride is on the way. Make the Clone. When you get up there, you'll remember this. You'll remember me. And you can - we can all win. We can win. Go. GO!"

You focus the last reserves of your spirit, and then your vision shifts, and then things all blend together. You stand there, looking at the chaos around you. Mimi holds this frail figure you barely recognize in her arms, the girls flag down a flying machine, and Timmy stares at you, uncertainly.

You remember getting on the ride and being whisked away, the scene at the summit fading into the distance, a hasty talk with a man on the mainland, a hidden portal, and then standing with him as you wait, staring at the sky, until a flaming Ride breaks through, a single figure tumbling from the sky. Standing over them, the man says a few words, and nods to you. You reach towards the figure - you - and as your Chakra dissipates, your minds and memories combine..

You brush yourself off as you stand, the street crossing you are in quicky filling with passersby unaware of your plight. A much younger-looking Stripeypants motions you to follow him to a nondescript clothing store, away from prying eyes, and explains to you what you'll need to do to get back - all while a timer rescued from the wreck of your Ride ticks down..

You've received the LifeTimer!
You've completed Hero's Quest!
Stay tuned for the last installment of the Loop Arc, the Reaper's Game!

Trophy.jpg You've unlocked the
Pierce The Heavens Trophy!
20 Points

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