Perfect Poker
Perfect Poker
While they are restocking after your trip to Stripey's, you catch a glimpse of people playing cards in the back..

(Requirements: (Requirements: Spend 100,000+ Ryo in the Shop in a single purchase))

Join in >


You slip into the back to see the employees of Stripey's taking their breaks. While some sit with dead eyes while they wait, staring at nothing at all, a few are playing cards. Some pump their fists in triumph while others sigh heavily, holding out a deck of cards to allow the victor to draw their spoils..

Sit down >

Part 1

Learn the Game
She holds out a deck of cards, explaining to you the basics.
Difficulty 11 Successes Remaining 11

Comprehend »


You just can't seem to comprehend it..


You nod, following along.

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Part 2

Empty Calories
You notice while she's talking that you've been munching on their crappy break room food. You can't seem to help yourself, and this is just a practice game..

I am Special Jonin or Higher (or Season 2 or higher) > (Requirement)


Urp.. You can't take it!


You've been in worse situations than this, no problem!

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She finishes the explanation, and puts her hand to her thigh. She unbuckles a strap, handing you a deck holster.

"Here, take this, to hold your winnings. Oh, hold on a second-" she pulls the deck out of it, putting it in her pocket.

"You'll have to earn cards on your own, bub. Have fun with that." Looking it over, it seems she missed a card..

You got a Deck Holster!

You've unlocked Perfect Poker!
Go to the Shop to play!

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