To the BurgerNinja!

(Requirements: BurgerNinja, Chunin+)

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You've heard from the Village Elders that there are hotties of all flavors at the local BurgerNinja! Of course, just walking in the front door isn't the way you roll, so you sneak around to the back to drill a tiny, but well-placed, hole…


Part 1

Drill to Victory!
Drill a hole and peep!
This is a Rolling Challenge!
Difficulty 13 Successes Remaining 400


You work, slowly but surely, towards your ultimate victory!


Finally you eagerly break through, and put your eye against the hole..

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..and get a painful straw RIGHT IN THE EYE! Augh! You stumble back, covering your eye, crying like a noob.

Suddenly, you are roughly lifted up by your collar, and you hear a quiet female voice. "You'd dare intrude on our shadow war? Fine, but don't come crying to me when it all ends in tears." She munches on some pizza (which they don't sell here!), and looks at you..

You feel her painfully pull open your eyelid, to peer at the perfect ring-shaped scar left by the straw. "Good. Maybe that'll help you learn the ways of this land. Grab a Greassy (?) uniform out of the trash - your shift starts in an hour." She peers at you, your eye still bleeding and unfocused. "Unless, of course, you want me to put the straw in a little more?"

As she walks away, you realize that the ring in your eye somehow lets you see the Ninja Magic flowing off of her!

You've learned Doujutsu!
You got +1 Doujutsu!

This secret, fourth Attribute works differently than others. It lets you see into the minds of Ninja customers (a dangerous bunch!), and deal with them. First, don't expect to get any Permanent Items that boost it, nor should you expect significant Ally help - but your Level doesn't reset when you Loop. Your base level starts low (the straw didn't go in very far), but it levels just like normal attributes.

Work that register, register monkey! Maybe you'll figure out the secret behind this seemingly normal burger joint, why you heard that extra 's' up there, and crack the Code of Greass. You put on your crappy uniform (so crappy it isn't even an Item), and trudge into work. Sigh.

You got RingEye!

Now, get to work, get to Special Jonin, and try to sample the food here, it might help..

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