Over the Edge
Over the Edge
MC Stripeypants asks if you want to go on a 'special training mission'..

(Requirements: Sword of the Reaper, MC Stripeypants, Soul Candy)

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MC Stripeypants takes you to his basement. "Whoa," you say, as he pushes you into a deep deep hole, and when you wake up, you have a chain popping out of your chest! What the crap?!

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Part 1

Three Days of Training
"You have to train down there for three straight days. You try to go on any faster than that, or you stop training, and you'll get nowhere. THREE DAYS!" He slams the basement door.

(If you abandon this mission, or continue this mission, before three full days - 72 hours - have passed from the time you read this text right here. you will fail. You can do other things, but not anything regarding this or any other special mission. So, start a three-day timer right now, and come back in three days!)

He pops the door. "Oh, if you are Season 2+, you can skip the waiting. Just so you know!"

It's Been Three Days, Let's Roll (Requirement)


He says, "I admire your patience. Let's proceed."


"What the crap? GTFO, noob." He kicks you out of the basement.

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Part 2

Overcome your Blade
Holy crap, MC chopped your chain! "Guess what fool? You gots to fight your own blade!" Suddenly, something kicks you in the butt - it's the true form of your blade!
Difficulty: 10 Successes: 7
Only Reaper and Innate abilities may be used here!


You fight them to a draw. "As it should be," it exclaims, and smiles!

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The manifestation of your sword salutes you! "You truly are worthy of my powers. Call forth my name, and become a Reaper." You've made a new friend!

You have gained the bloodline Blood of the Reaper! Check your Main page for the Blood Call menu! (While you are at it, check the Call menu for an excellent way to get a new Jutsu!)

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