Outwitting the Best
Outwitting the Best
Right and Anonymous are bugging you to get your act together..

(Requirements: Anonymous, Right, The Trade)

Humor Them >


Right and Anonymous (on their own, of course) have been pushing you to take your work to the next level. In fact, if you play your cards right, you can get a Note of your own..

Be Sneaky >

Part 1

Tricks of the Trade

You think you might be able to get yourself a Note, but you'd have to know all the tricks of your Note-toting associates..

I have learned both Right's and Anon's Jutsu > (Requirement)


You know you've got what it takes to one-up them both!


You can't even figure out what to do..

Continue Quest >

Part 2

Best Friends

Hyuk motions you over. "I'm gonna need a reason, y'know, to help ya out. I gotta stick around these two, if you know what I mean. If they gave the go-ahead, maybe I could check ya out.."

I am Hanging Out with both Right and Anonymous at the same time > (Requirement)


He shakes his head up and down. "Ayup, not bad. They both talk about ya all the time."


He gives you a squinty eye. "You trying ta pull somethin'?"

Continue Quest >

Part 3

The Magic Number

Right and Anonymous have been checking you out - seeing how dedicated you are. If you showed up at enough 'crime scenes' in a single day, you know they'd be interested in you.. (Bingo 5 people successfully in one day! In order for a Bingo to count, you cannot have already Bingo'd that person that day.)

I have successfully Bingo'd 5 or more non-Bingo'd Ninja today > (Requirement)


He shakes his head up and down. "Ayup, ya certainly got the gumption."

Continue Quest >

Part 4

Take the Deal

Hyuk looks at you. "Whell-um, I guess I can give you a Note - you seem to have the same ideas as the other two. Let'cha you'd get some-a them there Pages once every few days that you tried hard, maybe get some more Stamina for doin' what you do best, and maybe let you find a nice little fangirl, ayup.. Tell ya what - you give me 10 more of your Daily Stamina (so now ya get 10 less stamina a day), and I'll trade ya a Note. Last you forever, it will."

(Note: this is a PERMANENT trade: 10 of your daily Stamina for a Note of your own, which unlocks more Note things, as well as gives you a Note Rush Bonus for Note Page Bingoing. If you don't want to, leave and Abandon the mission.)

Make The Trade >


He nods, and in a very un-Hyuk like accent, says "Even more excellent."

Continue Quest >


You don't feel a thing - but, sitting in the corner, is an old beat-up notebook. You quickly grab and hide it, knowing its true power, even as you notice having a little less energy than before..

You've obtained The Note!

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