You are drawn to an open Field, as the Bees converge.. (You may choose this or Chaos, not both)

(Requirements: 4+ Tiny Bees, a Tiny Bee Weapon)

Whoa >


The Bees swarm around you, millions upon millions of them, as you feel them lift you up and carry you somewhere. Suddenly they burst away, leaving you teetering on a Spire, high above the Fields..

(You are choosing to ally with the forces of The RNG. Should you wish to make a different choice, abandon this quest immediately and take 'Chaos' instead.)

Look Around You >

Part 1

The Heights of Imagination

You stand, alone, at the top of The World. You seem higher than is possible, what with the mythical Barrier keeping living things from going too high above the forests and plains. From up here, this unique perspective, you realize..

..you've seen this before.

You twist and turn, looking in all directions, remembering epic battles and horrible destruction, but other than flashes of emotion, you cannot focus on exactly what role you played..

Look Down >

You look down, and see beneath you the choking miasma of The RNG!

Continue Quest >

Part 2


The Miasma envelops you, and your Tiny Bee Weapon glows - but not with the great Powers of the world. It is separate, in some way, and when you touch it, you remember an epic battle, ages ago, with a band of renegades, on a world somehow different than your own.. You stand, monstrous and powerful, amongst your brethren, crushing the invaders beneath you. You move atop the ocean as if it were solid ground, the world itself succumbing to your will. Suddenly, above you, a flash of lightning, and your vision explodes in pain!

You look down at the ones trying in vain to stop you from taking what is rightfully yours, blasting them with pure chaos. You ready a fatal blast of energy, when they pull aside you, and the tiny crew stands together, as their ship - and the entire world - erupts into light..

You snap back to yourself, almost losing your balance high in the air. A past life? The memories of The RNG? You aren't sure, but you've got something to do..

I have 11 Tiny Bees > (Requirement)


Your insect friends whirl around you, steadying you as you take in the Portal's energy!


You slip, and fall off the Spire!

You Failed!

Continue Quest >


The power of The RNG envelops you! You are assaulted by a dark design, as your Mark grows to cover your entire body, you become one with the knowledge of all the dark forces that plague the land. Dark bands are written into your flesh, from a time when there was a chance to finally gain control of this plane, but a lone Ninja set sail to disrupt their… your.. plans..

You have gained the Bloodline Fate

You have awakened, standing alone where the Hive once was. upon your chest is a badge from another land, with strange markings of broken lightning..

You got the Item Franklin Badge!

Trophy.jpg You've unlocked the
Choosing Sides Trophy!
60 Points
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