Online Junkie
Online Junkie

Sporty watches as you walk out of the R00t gate. "OMG, are you being a SECRET NINJA? Can I be one too?"

(Requirements: Sporty, Visited Simple Training Dealer's Room)

Why Not >
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You start to tell her why it might be a bit much for her, but she won't listen. "I will tell you what. You go do your little Magic Server Thingy (whoa, WHOA, how did she know about that?), and I'LL follow you around from my PlayCube 360. I have a special game that lets me. :)"

Ummm… Okay. >

Part 1

Level Two Noob

Sporty yells at you for not having any neato upgrades!

I have found the Field that allows Stat Recompiling > (Requirement)


She nods, but insists she can help you even more!

Continue Quest >


Sporty yells at you through the game. "You are such a NOOB LEVEL! Here, let me show you how it is done!" She steps THROUGH her game, and stand next to you, purple-armored-bikini and all!

You got Sporty Lvl. 2!

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