Ninja Love Day - Stalkergirl
Ninja Love Day - Stalkergirl
Go on a date with Stalkergirl! (WARNING: You can only do one Ninja Love Day Mission!)

(Requirements: February)

Dating Time! >
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Wow, Ninja Love Day, and you don't have anybody. Are you too shy? Probably, you big loser..

Baww >

Part 1

Creepy Omens

You are walking back home, looking at all the happy couples, when you see some motion from behind a tree, and hear the creepy sound of.. twiddling fingers? Looking at your feet, you almost step on some sort of crumpled letter.. that has a drawing on it that looks like you!

Pick it Up >


You look at it - it is totally weirding you out! It has weird hearts and gunsights and stuff on it. There's a note on it, though..


what the crap?

Continue Quest >


You lock your door, and hide under your bed, but at midnight, a tapping comes from your window, and you know you cannot hide..

You got a Creepy Love Letter!
(+20 Stamina if Stalkergirl is in your party overnight)

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