Ninja Love Day - Pinky
Ninja Love Day - Pinky
Go on a date with Pinky! (WARNING: You can only do one Ninja Love Day Mission!)

(Requirements: February)

Dating Time! >
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Wow, Ninja Love Day, and you don't have anybody. That's because no one knows how you are on the inside..

Baww >

Part 1


You are walking back home, looking at all the happy couples, when you see Pinky! She's stomping on a bouquet of flowers. "STUPID EMO I'm going to BUY a STABBING MACHINE on the INTERNET and STAB HIM WITH I- oh, hello!" she says to you. "H-how are you doing this wonderful day?"

Stomp on her Bouquet too >


You stomp on the flowers too (and then totally pocket it, because, hey, Permanent Items FTW, amirite?), and grumble. "OMG, did you see what I did there? Nah, you couldn't have. I didn't see you do it, either? Heh heh, yeah. Hey, let's go out!" Whoa, okay.

Continue Quest >


You both walk off into the sunset, not talking about how much you want to beat people's faces.

You got a Pink Bouquet!
(+20 Stamina if Pinky is in your party overnight)

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