Ninja Love Day - Mr. Sandman
Ninja Love Day - Mr. Sandman
Go on a date with Mr. Sandman! (WARNING: You can only do one Ninja Love Day Mission!)

(Requirements: February)

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Wow, Ninja Love Day, and you don't have anybody. Man, you just want to crush the whole world..

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Part 1

Candy Shell

You are walking back home, looking at all the happy couples, when you see Mr. Sandman, beating his teddy agaisnt a wall. "Stupid Teddy! You don't love me, either! You are just waiting for me to hug you, and you are going to explode, I know it!"

Take It >


You take it his teddy away. "Bad Sandman. No Teddy." He looks at you, and his eyes get all watery and googly. "Waaah!"

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You both walk off into the sunset, dragging a Teddy, pretending to be all deadly and stuff.

You got a Beat-Up Teddy!
(+20 Stamina if Mr. Sandman is in your party overnight)

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