Ninja Love Day - Emosuke
Ninja Love Day - Emosuke
Go on a date with Emosuke! (WARNING: You can only do one Ninja Love Day Mission!)

(Requirements: February)

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Wow, Ninja Love Day, and you don't have anybody. You are probably too emo, you big loser..

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Part 1


You are walking back home, looking at all the happy couples, when you see Emosuke! He's leaning on a tree, hating on everyone quietly. You lean next to it and hate on everyone, too. "Boy, everyone sucks. the world sucks," he says. "Here, you can have this stupid valentine, I was going to burn it to show how much I hate everyone, but I hate using Jutsu and finding matches, so I don't care anymore.."

Take It >


You take it, and shove it in a pocket, just like you don't care. "Yeah, I don't care either. Let's go not care somewhere else."

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You both walk off into the sunset, hating the world.

You got an Emo Valentine!
(+20 Stamina if Emosuke is in your party overnight)

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