My Angel is a Centerfold
My Angel is a Centerfold
Shammy picks through your ninja wallet. "Whoa, who's the babe?"

(Requirements: Special Jonin Rank+, Hot Picture of Terri, Lil' Shammy)

Let Him Look >


Lil' Shammy wants what you got! Hook him up!

Hook! >

Part 1

Special Delivery
He looks at that hot Terri pic of yours and asks, "Do you have any more?" You figure that five of them total will make him happy..

I have five Terri Pics (Requirement)


His eyes widen. "Whoa. AWESOME."


"Psh, whatever". He blows you off.

Continue Quest >


Shammy shoves the photos (carefully) in a pocket. "Thanks, man." He wanders off, in search of a pigtailed Kunoichi.

Shammy becomes Level 2!


The Quest's title is a direct reference to the lyrics of Centerfold by The J. Geils Band.

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Checkmate None
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