Monochrome Academy
Monochrome Academy
Find the Fabled Battleground!

(Requirements: Captain's Jacket, Mister Tea, Shorty Lvl. 2, Season 2+)

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"Something huge is going down in the Reaper World - beings of immense power, that look just like you and me, are gathering somewhere. There is something not-quite-right about them, but we can't place it. We've got to find out where they are gathering, if we have to search this entire world!"

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Part 1

Find The Center
Somewhere in this stark world is the gathering place. Find it!
This is a Rolling Challenge!
Difficulty 12 Successes Remaining 500
Only Reaper and Innate abilities may be used here!


You scour the world, with no result..
(Your successes have been saved!)


You track the source of the disturbances to a school!

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You have tracked down the center of all the disturbances - a perfectly normal highschool, in the real world!

You and Mister Tea decide to infiltrate it.

"This won't be easy - both sides, I'm sure, have infiltrated this school at every level. You'll have to scout around for clues to your enemies. Being on that sort of edge means your missions may cost you extra Stamina, and will probably be crazy hard. Learn my Kido if you want to continue. Searching the school won't be easy if you are too focused - very few missions can be found if you choose a 'Specific Mission'. Other than that, Make Allies, let your Allies reach their potential, and lastly..

Good Luck. You'll need it."

He tosses you a Hall Pass, so you can sneak in.

You got a Hall Pass!
You may now go on Monochrome-Level Reaper Missions!

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Mister Tea Robogirl's Secret
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