Maximum Niceness
Maximum Niceness
The Ninja-Mas List shows you at Max Niceness!

(Requirements: 100 Niceness Points)

That means PRESENTS!


Sure enough, you check the nearest Ninja-Mas
Chimney, and there he is, The HoClaus!

Yay! >

Part 1

Checking it twice
Sure enough, he checks his list, and you are there.
"Well well well, what to do with you.. why don't you
close your eyes, and once I'm gone, open them, and
you'll get your reward!"

That's not creepy at all! >


You close your eyes, and hope for a surprise!

Continue Quest >


You wave goodbye, and sure enough, when you
open your eyes, you have a ton of presents!

+50% Ally Drop Chance for the rest of the day!


  • The Ninja-Mas List is required to get 100 Niceness.
  • The reward seems to always be the same.
  • This quest is not spent until you use it, and it does loop.
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