Lost Cat
Lost Cat
Dude, 11 lost his cat! Help out!

(Requirements: Chunin+, in a Village)

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Outside your Village, you see some raggedy-looking dude walking forlornly, shaking a can of Ninja Treats, peering under every bush..

Look with him >

Part 1

Check every Ninja House with him!
This is a Rolling Challenge!
Difficulty 6 Successes Remaining 215


Nothing yet..


You find the cat in a window well, plotting the death of many a Ninja.

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11's eyes well up, and he smiles, opening his arms wide. The cat eyes you and, in a flash, claws your right arm, leaving a welling stripe of pain. Ow! She jumps into 11's arms, and he floats into the sky..

You got Stripe of Honor!
(+1 Gen Level, +10% Ally Find)

Cat-Finding Tips from 11
If you lose your cat, remember:

1. check everywhere in your house, and around nearby houses. bushes, trees, garages, everything. get permission if you need to. The cat is probably scared, and won't respond to you unless you actually make eye contact, so be sure to look EVERYWHERE. Your cat is probably really, really close to your house - less than 500 steps in any direction. Use a flashlight and hold it by your head when shining it around, so it will reflect light right back from their eyes to yours.
2. leave their litterbox out, some articles of your dirty clothes (for the smell), and a can of smelly food. If you can, and a pet carrier with door removed + some familiar bedding and treats inside + a towel covering it so it is warm and safe + if it is wet outside, a plastic cover and another towel so it doesn't crinkle. On your porch or neat your apartment door (about 7 inches away) with the open side facing your door. You can also vacuum your house, and dump the vacu-bits outside - they'll smell like your cat, and the smell will travel far.
3. look for them from dusk til dawn. shake a treat bag, and call their name (but not too loud). walk a few steps, and repeat.
4. Make a flyer with the cat's name, a basic description, a phone number, and when / about where they were lost from. say you are offering a reward, but not the amount. (DO NOT LEAVE YOUR ACTUAL ADDRESS OR REWARD AMOUNT - there are horrible people out there. if someone wants money first, don't meet them alone, and call the authorities if you are wary of a trap). Flyer the crap out of your neighborhood.
5. Just sitting outside next to the food at night and talking on your cell phone / doing some non-freaky voice thing can work - your cat will think you are just chilling, and come stop by.
11. Keep looking - it may take days, but chances are your cat is nearby and just waiting for you to find them. Get friends, double-check, triple-check, just do it.
You might not remember all this, but there are plenty of sites out there with all of this info and more. Special thanks to all of those that helped me find my cat.

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