Life Finds A Way
Life Finds A Way

You, the HoClaus, and the thief you caught sneak through the town!

(Requirements: Find twelve Dinos)

Carry on
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You follow the HoClaus down side alleys, through parks, and past playgrounds.

"While you were collecting all that loot, I started to look into exactly why those things were taken. Turns out I have been skipping these folks every Ninja-Mas and never knew!"

You walk past a construction site, and duck under a small bridge.

"They've been hiding in plain sight for who knows how long, afraid to speak up. Maybe they thought people would chase them off? It isn't like anyone could ever see through these perfect disguises, right?"

He has a point >

Part 1

Na na naa, naaa, naaah
He does have a point - the sunglasses on this guy makes it nearly impossible to notice his tail, or clawy arms, or giant bitey mouth. It's uncanny.

"They were taking things so they could set up their own pretend Ninja-Mas. There's no need for that, though, Ninja-Mas is for everyone! So, we helped them build a place just for them. They want it to remain secret, so don't tell anyone."

You turn a corner, and there, hidden from everyone in town, is a giant amusement complex.


Ooooooh ooh ooh >

" Bodacious Park."

Continue Life Finds A Way >


"Malls, arcades, drive-in theaters, and all sorts of fun places ring a colossal halfpipe, where dinosaurs perform radical moves, a celebration of the extreme stunts that fuel their Awesome abilities. You see so many people you recognize from the Village - that guy that works in the back of the Ramen shop, the lady at the Party House counter, and so many more.

The HoClaus rummages in his bag, and plops a hat on your head.

"For being such a good detective, you can have this Festive Fedora. This way, all of these fine folks will recognize you, and know that they can go to you if they need help from the Ninja world. Also, it lets you into the park for free. Just don't forget to tip!"

He laughs at his terrible, terrible joke, and raises his arms to the sky.

"Have a wonderful Ninja-Mas, Everyone!"

You got the Festive Fedora!

Here's hoping you have a wonderful Ninja-Mas! May your days be radical, all year long!

Trophy.jpg You've unlocked the
Spirit of Ninja-Mas Trophy!
10 Points

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