Leaving Work at Work
Leaving Work at Work
Your eyes snap open, as the barriers rise at the end of a shift. Wha?

(Requirements: Defeat the The Dark Shift's Titan)

You don't remember a thing! >
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Hm. Did you Rage out? You aren't covered in blood or gore or tufts of cosplay, so probably not.
Checking your pocket, you've got a full shift's Wage..

Why can't you remember it? >

Part 1

Inside the Box
It's a safety precaution." Stripey walks towards you, idly picking Fanboy remains from under his fingernails.

"The memories you form while you are in there, they stay there - it's a Chakra-filtering device. Keeps your mind in the game. Keeps you safe. Them safe."

Them? >

"Friends of mine, keeping an eye out. Thinking outside the box. Don't worry about it."

Continue Quest >


You shrug. Eh. It's a living.

Stripey grins widely. "All right, I knew you'd be up for this. You know what? I'm going to modify the Safe Zone so you can bring someone along for the ride. You could use a fellow employee, right?"

You've unlocked Sub-Managers in Retail!'

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That Retail Feel Causality
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