Knock Knock
Knock Knock

Lulu, sick of all the lady attention, flips through today's orders. and stops. "Hey! This one is from my sister!"

(Requirements: Cici Lvl. 2, Robogirl Lvl. 3, Nana, Blondie)

Deliver it >


Lulu finishes up the pizza, and offers to be the Driver. "It's an easy Delivery - why don't you come along? We can tell her that awesome joke that I told you!" Now, it is a *really* dumb knock-knock joke, but hey, Lulu probably has a thing for his sister, so whatever..

Tag Along >

Part 1

Freudian Slip
You pull up to a big mansion, and this pink-haired girl flounces out, smiling. "Oh, hooray! a pizza! I love pizza!" Lulu nudges you, smiling.
"Tell it with me!" He turns to her.

"Knock Knock."
"Umm.. who's there?"
"Tee hee! Lettuce who?"
"Lettuce..Lettuce.." Oh great. How did it go?
Hmm. Time to make something up!


I have at least one use of the Power of Greass remaining > (Requirement)


Her eyes flare as your Greass accidentally activates.


"WHAT A GREAT IDEA!" She whips out a machinegun, and riddles Lulu's Ride with bullets!

Continue Quest >

Part 2

Subdue Lulu's Sister!
Why doesn't she run out of bullets?
Difficulty: 10 Successes: 10
Ability #2: Taijutsu Difficulty: 10 Successes: 10

Subdue! »


You take her gun away. She seems a bit upset. "Aww.."

Continue Quest >

Part 3

Explain it Away
She looks around at the carnage. "Oh my goodness, did I do that?" You decide to cover for her, explaining it is just… um… Pizza ingredients! yeah, that's it! But who could talk her into that?

Have Nana use 100 Cans of Sauce to cover up the mess > (Requirement)


You spread the stuff everywhere, as Nana talks her down. "Oh, it's just Pizza stuffs! That's okay then." She tastes it. "Delicious!" o_o


You don't have enough to cover her rampage!

Continue Quest >


She jumps and jumps for the gun. "Gimme gimme! I want to shoot people!" Lulu sighs. "How many times have I told you - DON'T SAY STUPID THINGS WHILE YOU'VE GOT YOUR CRAZY EYES ON." Oh well, as long as we don't give her back her gun, she should be fine - it'd be a real shame to off a perfectly good hot girl just to get ratings."

Robo 3 pops up from the back seat. "YOU GOT THAT RIGHT."

You got Euthanasia! (now keep her away from everyone who isn't a PizzaWitch employee!)

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