Karate Yes!
Karate Yes!
MC Stripeypants has more special training for you!

(Requirements: Captain's Jacket, MC Stripeypants Lvl. 2, Lucha Libre Style: Pity the Fool, Season 2+)

All Right! >


MC wants to talk to you - he has more special training!

Yay! -_- >

Part 1

Wax Off
"I need my car washed. It'll, um, teach you something. Yeah."
This is a Rolling Challenge!
Difficulty 1 Successes Remaining 250


Man, this car is so dirty!
(Your successes have been saved!)


Finally, it is clean!

Continue Quest >


You finish the car, and ask him what you are learning. "Learning? Man, I just wanted a clean car for that hot date I got. Thanks, though." What the crap? You slump against it, and pet this stupid cat that's been watching you since you started..

You got Miss Kitty!


  • You can use any Team and Jutsu during this Special Mission.


  • This quest is most likely based on the basic training given by Mr.Miyagi for Daniel in the Movie The Karate Kid especially the "Wax off" part.

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