Kaiju's Bargain
Kaiju's Bargain
Suddenly, all eyes are drawn to the Realms, high upon their holy land!

(Requirements: Chaos Gate, Season 2+)

Investigate >


You walk up to the edge of the Realms, to see what all the commotion is. Usually, it is just screams and the occasional explosion, but today, there's a lot more activity.

You look down at your feet, and there's a tiny sign that says…

"Help Wanted"? >

Part 1

Application Requirements

You look at the sign, and something about it seems 'off' - you reach towards it, and suddenly, there's a piece of paper in your hand!

Application for Enhanced Combat Availability

Due to the high 'turnover', this application is only to be completed by those who have experienced at least one complete lifetime on this Field.


I am Season 2+ > (Requirement)


You turn the paper over to read the rest of it.

Continue Quest >

Part 2

Application Part 2

The second part reads "Unfortunately, there are no openings at this time." Just then, a severed head (with a couple other bits attached) arcs in from the realm, wetly bouncing past, and the words change!

"There is one opening available in the secret organization the provides security in your Village - the R00t. To apply, please sign this document on any Field but your own."


I have one Errant Bit > (Requirement)


You note that the weird cube you found looks funny. You turn it over, and see that if looked at just right, it is a pen of some sort. You hastily sign the document, not noticing that when you twisted the Bit, more than just the Bit changed..

Continue Quest >


You sign your name on the line, and the application vanishes - then, like a Ninja Train, an impossibly long word slams into your brain! You think about it, and the world Shifts, and for a split second, you can see the infinite dimensions of the Realms in all their glory!

You got R00t Password!

You may now fight Phases and walk The Fields!

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