Junk Showdown
Junk Showdown
A powerful Ninja bursts from the ground!

(Requirements: 1+ Kicked Junk1)

Battle! >
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Suddenly, a shuffling figure bursts from the sand!

Prepare for Attack! >

Part 1


The figure screams "I am immortal!"

(Chunks starts to speak up, but you shush him.)

You'll never pass this Wasteland without me, and none have ever bested me!" You give him a funny eye. "No, Seriously! Here, I'll even give you a free shot!"

Kick him in the Junk >


"Ha ha h- urggh…" He keels over!


"Ha ha! Did you think that would work? You need to kick more Junk than that!"

Continue Quest >


"How did you know I had five Junks? Aah!" Threads crumples to the ground, Junk falling everywhere.

The Paper looks at you. "Hey, I don't get why you finding bags of garbage and kicking them works on this guy. Weird." (What did you THINK you were kicking?) You grab Threads by the ear, and drag him along..

Threads joined your party!

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