It's That Time of Year
It's That Time of Year
Who's that Ninja Teleporting down the Ninja-Mas Tree?

(Requirements: Ninja-Mas Tree, Ninja-Mas Ornament)

It's the HoClaus! >
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Who's that Ninja teleporting down the chimney.. it's the HoClaus!

Ho Ho Ho! >

Part 1

The Ninja-Mas Spirit

"Ho Ho Ho, Little Ninja! How are you?" You smile at the HoClaus, and realize that everyone gets presents on Ninja-Mas, but does the HoClaus? "Not Really," he Hos. "I Could Always Use Something For My Ninja-Mas Tree. An Ornament, Two.. No, Well Actually, Three."

Give Him three Ninja-Mas Ornaments > (Requirement)


You hand over an ornament. "Wow! Thank You, Little Ninja!"


"It's Okay, Little Ninja! Merry Ninja-Mas!"

Continue Quest >


He puts you in his Ninja Sleigh! "Let's Have a Wonderful Ninja-Mas, Just Us Two! On Mitsu, On Katsu, Ho Ho Ho no Jutsu!" You don't know if that is creepy or not, but whatever! Happy Ninja-Mas!

The HoClaus joins you!

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