It Doesn't Matter If You're Black or White 4
It Doesn't Matter If You're Black or White 4
Ultimate Card Badgers!

(Requirements: All 4 Heart of the Cards Monster Drops, Card Badger Playmat)

D-, etc. >


You walk back into the Party House, suddenly realizing that you got so caught up in playing cards, you forgot to actually save the Party House ladies last time! They seem pretty upset. However, the Ultimate Card Badger is here, in full Card Badger Cosplay (which involves giant fake wings, one white and one black, which all Card Badgers think are just the coolest), for a final battle!

Guess which letter repeats here? THAT'S RIGHT, IT IS IN YOUR HEAD NOW. >

Part 1

Show your Heart
You must prove your worthiness to gain their attention.

I have a Special Attack Uniform > (Requirement)


They pay you no mind, and continue their shenanigans.


He rises up, white and black wings somehow catching all the light in the room..

Continue Quest >

Part 2

This is actually an intense battle, and you can feel something ancient and powerful behind these simple cards..
This is a Rolling Challenge!
Difficulty 20 Successes Remaining 1100


You falter before his onslaught!


You finally defeat him!

Continue Quest >


After defeating the Card Badger (burning all your Card Badger stuff with your card fury), rather than leaving, he sits on your head - and has no intention of leaving! Occasionally popping out to show off his wings, you hope he's more of a friend than a fail. He insists that he isn't a Badger, though, oh no - he's the mighty White and Black Bird of Legend. (whatever, although he does have this ominous glow to him..)

Oh, you save the ladies, too, you guess. You wonder if they have any neat card games to play!

You lost Card Badger Playmat!
You got Ultra Badger!


  • The Heart Of The Cards Bloodline was previously acquired if you had bought the Heart Of The Cards Collection That McM was selling to help him become a sponsor for the Weiβ Schwarz & Cardfight!! Vanguard Japanese CCGs In the United States


  • The HotC Bloodline was in the game before being sold in the HotC Collection but the way to acquire it was soo absurd and difficult that McM removed it off and placed the bloodline in its current quest
  • The four Heart of the Cards Monster drops are Beta Reader, Frozen Rose, Noble Phantasm, and Ultra Dessert.

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