Into the Loop
Into the Loop
A ghostly figure stands before you, telling you about your future!
(Special Quest - costs no Stamina!)

(Requirements: Gen, Nin, or Tai 19 + Your current season)
A New Season?! >

A New Season

Out of nowhere, a ghostly figure appears, shuffling a stack of papers and muttering to himself.

"Good, good, this one seems to be doing really well. We'll have to sign them up for another Season."

You can *hear* the capital letter on that word, 'Season'.

He looks up at you. "Yeah, I'm talking to you. You up for it? Another Season? Here, let me see what we can do about getting you some better press - how about a spiffy new Theme Song?" You have no idea what he's talking about. "You know, that song, the one that plays before each Episode? You probably catch yourself humming it from time to time." Whoa, you think he might be on to something there…

It's Time for another Season!

You'll be a brand new Genin! You keep certain items (listed below), your Arena Plays Remaining and Wins/Points Today are set to 1 and 0 respectively). Lots of new stuff unlocks, special abilities, and even a new character trait, Themes! You can choose one of each type of Theme per day to help you play. In the Themes is also 'The Crank', which lets you up the difficulty of the game to unlock more fun stuffs!

Here's a list of the Themes you've earned from previous Seasons:

Here's a list of the new Themes you've earned this time through:

Here's a list of the items you'll be allowed to keep:

Here's the Items you are going to lose:

Here's what you keep from your Bucket:

Here's what you lose from your Bucket:

- Looping so many times in one day makes you queasy.. Your Appetite will drop by X!1

- You'll be keeping The HoClaus

- You'll be keeping Proof Reader

- You'll be keeping Tempest Kitsune

You'll be keeping your Eye of the Storm Bloodline.

You'll be keeping your Power of Greass Bloodline.

You'll be keeping your Doujutsu Levels.

Your Moon Level will drop to New..

You'll be keeping your Sword Call!

Now, just pick your starting Bloodline (double-check so you don't make mistakes!)..

and type your password to confirm.

Finally, I'd like to thank you for playing, and for continuing to play. I never thought BvS would become so expansive, and it is folks like you that helped me want to make it this way.
- The 11DBHK
Creator of Billy Vs. SNAKEMAN

checkbox.png (Click to confirm)

Let's Do This! >

A white door opens in the distance, and you hear music that is hauntingly familiar.. you are drawn to it, and pass through..

Welcome to Season X!


  • When you loop, your character is reset to a level 6 Genin with 250 stamina, normal appetite and 0 Jutsu XP. It's advisable to not use any of your stamina/appetite bonuses (Juice, Ramen, Show Watchin' etc.) if you intend to maximize your stamina post-loop. Note that while effects regarding your stamina and appetite are nullified, most other effects(NinjaOn, Greassy, Ichi Ramen, etc.) will remain active.
  • You keep your Ryo when looping, but it is advisable to sell or merge in looping forms all items you would otherwise loose during the loop. The Counterfeit Permit can be sold back before looping since it will not transfer with you in the new Season.
  • Your Bingo status is cleared.


  • See Guide:Looping for more information.
  • This Quest costs 0 Stamina.
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