Into The Fray
Into the Fray
Like a reaper in a field of grain, you cut down your enemies, while searching for a way out!

(Requirements: Spiral Training)

Lay Waste >


Rushing into the fray, crushing scores of monsters with every swipe, you shift to and from your Kaiju form. Mimi hangs on your shoulders surprisingly well, yelling advice as you go.

"Duck!" Take those three out! I got this one!" She leaps off, blasting one to pieces, kicking it into a crowd of screaming minions. Running back, she yells, "Let's break through here, get somewhere safe, and figure out a plan!"

Dash for cover >

Part 1

Get Some Distance
Outrun them enough that you can lose them!
Difficulty: 30 Successes: 80


You dodge through a rocky area, and get out of line of sight for a brief moment - now's your chance!

Continue Quest >

Part 2

Make a Distraction
Get them looking in the wrong area!
Difficulty: 55 Successes: 40


You bring a cliff face down on their vanguard, and hightail it out of there!

Continue Quest >

Part 3

Make Some Cover
Make the most of this time - camouflage your base of operations!
Difficulty: 50 Successes: 50


You carve out a small hideaway, unseen by the minions. Finally, you've got somewhere to work from!

Continue Quest >


Leaping through an opening, bounding into the forest, you find a place to rest, and lean against a tree, breathing heavily as the exertion catches up to you.

"That guy's got the entire island under his control - he's corrupted those girls, gotten them to keep the perimeter down while he hunts for you. He's using that power he's been granted to overrun the island with monsters - to keep them powered, he's put resonance towers all around it. Pop the towers, pop the monsters around them. You don't have all the time in the world - they'll find you eventually, and then you won't have time to rest. You'll have to take out each of the four, and then bring the fight to him. Hit and run. Then, maybe.."

She looks away. "..maybe we can find a way out of this that keeps you alive. Go easy on yourself, though, you can't handle this forever."

She draws a crude map. "Here's what the island kinda looks like.."

You've unlocked the Battle Plans menu on your Quest Menu!

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Spiral Energy Battle Plans
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